Philosopher's opinion piece in the New York Times on the question whether it is immoral to stay on Facebook.

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    • So do we have an obligation to leave Facebook for others’ sake? The answer is a resounding yes for those who are intentionally spreading hate speech and fake news on Facebook.

      To me, it seems that people intentionally spreading fake news do it for (what they think is) the greater good.

      They want to achieve something so important to them (e.g. the "right" political option to win the elections) that they think spreading fake news is justified, because otherwise, they wouldn't do it.

      Which means they think they have a moral obligation to achieve that end. And they have to spread fake news to do that. And they need to stay on Facebook to do that.

      So, the way I see it, people who intentionally spread fake news on Facebook think they have a moral obligation to stay on Facebook.

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