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    • This is huge! It's like their own federated IM platform, but knowing them we are sure it won't be good for the user. Another excuse to leave the platform. I hope we can have a good federated alternative soon. I'm rooting for Matrix.org, but every Android client it's miles from being usable to the average citizen.

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      • isn't XMPP such an alternative? I'd love it to be but, from my perspective, it lacks a nice-looking mobile client (does it?) and more catchy/non-nerdy name. At least more catchy for a "normal" user. It used to be called Jabber but i can barely see that word anywhere nowdays

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        • Sorry for the late reply, but for some reason, only now I'm seeing your reply. Yes, XMPP could be called an alternative. It has some nice Android clients (Pix-Art being the best, imo), but it doesn't do the same as FB Messenger and Whatsapp, afaik, since these can have video conference and I don't think XMPP can (FB Messenger even has games).

          By the way, iirc, XMPP was used by Facebook Messenger but it was dropped long time ago. And Whatsapp uses a modifed version of XMPP if I'm not wrong.

          Matrix.org aims to do about everything, and they are managing to do it. They even have VR chat and conference demos!

          Something that I do like about XMPP is that it has a compatible social network: movim.eu

          I hope there's one like it for Matrix in the future.

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