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    • @mxb yeah, this particular thing started bothering me last time. And when I started using two phones: Sony Xperia X mostly cleansed from proprietary software (for reading, gaming and mastodoning) and iPhone (for calling, facebook and listening to music and podcasts), I started achieving way more :D

      This feels strange, but this "two phones" approach made me using phone way
      less, because I have to switch phone to browse different content

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      • i've tried a different approach. For me, the biggest distraction was obviously Facebook and Messenger. They were constantly spamming me with useless notifications i didn't want to see. What's more - the less i used both apps, the more spammy notifications they've been sending.

        So, one day, i decided to remove them and install the lo-fi versions of these both (they are called Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite) and my life drastically changed. These both apps are missing all the bloat (or most of it), are way uglier (which is an important factor for me) and works far worse. These all things made me use them a lot more and actually my time spent on them has been reduced to like...1 minute per day? There are also days when i forget to charge my phone and it lays dead for 2 days untill my mum calls my girlfriend and asks her to tell me to charge my phone haha.

        One might say "don't like facebook/messenger? remove it then" - i can't really do that, all my friends are using it and i need to stay in contact with them. But using the "hack" described above at least made me quit the unhealthy addiction of wasting my time on these.

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