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    • @mxb Incidentally, I agree!

      However, I think it is important to balance trusting the user and letting them do whatever the hell they want versus hiding complexity.

      If the user wants to be a power user - let them be a power user! Go haywire! Use glitter! Use dancing hamsters as a background. Whatever!

      But it's also crucial to avoid option creep. If the user couldn't care less about customization - don't bother them with options, let them just use the tool.

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      • @mxb because you exist

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        • woah, that was damn funny, i almost died laughing

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          • oh and btw smartass, you're the first one to try out brand new Prismo feature called silencing/suspending. Thank you for your engagement! Prismo would be nothing without volunteers willing to help 💖

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