Prismo v0.4.0 has been released! It took so long as i was trying to create a Rails plugin for AP and i failed the battle. I'm definitely gonna get a second try in the nearest future but first - let's try to fulfill al the planned Prismo goals.

0.4 release was mostly focused around moderation and security. List of main changes:

  1. Domain blocking. Instance admin is now able to either silence or suspend all the accounts from given domain.
  2. Local flags. Users are now able to flag comments or stories to their local instance admin.
  3. Objects removing. It's now possible to remove your comment or post with a single click.
  4. Webapp. Thanks to Zachary, it's now possible to use Prismo as a WebApp on Android devices.

Apart from the above, @david started to work on the initial i18n support which should ship in Prismo 0.5. Prismo also gained a Micro Formats support - thanks to Zachary.

Plans for v0.5:

  • I18n (multi-language support)
  • Federation between prismo instances. This one will probably consume a lot of time so please be patient!


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