A good round-up on why Google seemed so "good" in comparison to other tech giants; And why a lot of users - including the author and me - trusted Google in the first place.

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    • I advocated for Google for a very long time, but over the course of the last year I lost all of my trust into Google. I no longer consider Google an acceptable company; I no longer consider the trade-off (data for services) to be a good one.

      I try to untangle myself from the web that Google has spun over the last three decades, one step at a time.

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      • for me, a huge difficulty in dropping the Google (as a search engine) is a thing most of the people consider as a drawback. The fact that there is no such thing as privacy when you trying to google something is a huge pro for me as i google for development stuff most of the time.

        Google knows i'm a ruby developer (based on my searches) so it tries to display ruby-related stuff and it's really profitable. I can't imagine how, say, DuckDuckGo could possibly target such issue.

        On the other hand, a more regular non-dev google user could benefit way more with DuckDuckGo as he is not closed in an information bubble.

        That's a tough nut to crack.

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        • I am having the same problem. In Google Search the trade (data for services) is noticeably "good". My Google search results are a lot better than my DuckDuckGo or searX results and that's a bummer.

          I'm not at the point where I try to use DuckDuckGo whenever and wherever possible. I also try to switch away from Google Chrome which I've used since it was first released (and which I am a huge fan of, as a Web Developer).

          It's a lot of work to move away from Google.

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