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    • Is Atom still slower than VScode? I'm personally way more into VSCode

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      • @mxb so everything we had in vim for 2 decades now? Sweet, maybe two more and we'll have proper text navigation too 🤞😂

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        • having some code editor with UX like vscode/atom but not written in javascript would be amazing (sublime doesn't have few features i need). I love using vim for server-side stuff but it fails short when used for my every day job (that's my fault, not vims) - i'm spending more time fighting with vim than doing the actual job. I think when i'm tired of my job and everything is on fire, the only thing that can help me feel better is a dumb-proof editor with full mouse support and just one shortcut for everything (cmd + p) :D

          Anyway, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna force myself to go full-vim once again soon (that would be my ~10th attempt)

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